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Era classics warranty options

Era classics are an official partner with Autoguard award winning warranties and can offer aftermarket policies for both modern and classic cars subject to terms and conditions. 


Due to their age, most of the vehicles we have for sale will not be covered by their original manufacturer warranty.  


Unless otherwise stated most vehicles are classics and therefore we can offer the Autoguard classic policy as a bolt on aftermarket policy (unless stated or agreed otherwise) or our standard 60 day “drive away warranty” to get you back on the road.

  • Our standard drive away warranty is not based on an insurance product, but is an arrangement directly between Era classics and yourself. 


Our vehicle warranty does offer:

  • 60 days cover from the invoiced date of purchase

  • Cover against items typically required for MOT standards including, starting issues, braking, steering, suspension and transmission systems failure to get you back on the road.


The warranty is conditional on:

  • Good care having been taken of the vehicle

  • The vehicle being returned to us (or collected by us) for repair or repairs being carried out at an agent of our choice

  • In the event of a repair proving prohibitively expensive, we reserve the right to offer a refund of your purchase as an alternative remedy, provided the vehicle can be returned in an 'as-sold' condition (with the exception of the fault).


Our vehicle warranty does not cover:

  • Glass/window breakage, engine and electrical failures, failure of non-original accessories, or any service or consumables such as tyres, clutch, brake pads, fluids or lubricants, oil leaks.

  • Compensation for loss of use

  • Compensation for any subsequent loss due to the vehicle being unavailable


This agreement does not affect your consumer rights. You are also at liberty to purchase a third party warranty package with a supplier of your choice, should you wish to do so. We recommend Autoguard as our preferred partner and we can quote on any vehicle subject to request.
If you have any queries regarding our warranty policy, please feel free to contact us.


For further information on Autoguard policies please see here



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