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Gone - but not forgotten - please see below for a selection of previously sold stock -


"I wish I'd kept that" "my dad used to have one of those" "I know of one in a barn" "It's just sat on the drive rusting away" "have you seen the price of them now? "you could buy those cheaper than chips not that long ago" "nobody could give them away"......and so on.

Classics are all about the nostalgia and enjoying the ownership that excites us. We all have the, "I wish I'd bought that" tales and that's what we love about the changing era's of classic cars. So here are some I've owned, sold on, wish I'd kept, but most of all, loved the time with each and everyone, however brief...after all, we are here for a good time and not a long time.

1973 Dino 246gt
10 years in my ownership. At least a third of that spent in somebody else's garage getting fixed up! It was an amazing car and not much else out there comes close to the driving experience. Joy of ownership vastly outweighed the diminishing bank account.

Exterior: Rosso Chiaro
Interior: Tan
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 39,000 miles

1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto Boat Tail Spider.
Probably the most fun car I've ever owned. Not the most rust free car I've ever owned, but hey it's an Alfa. Made a year before I was born and in a lot worse shape than me but still put a smile on your face everyday. Exactly what my wife says to me every morning!

Exterior: Rusty white

Interior: Tatty black plastic

Transmission: Some gears

Mileage: Unknown

1990 Porsche 964 Targa Carrera 2
One owner from new and only 21,000 miles. Found 20 miles down the road from me and garaged in the same garage and serviced at the same Porsche OPC since new!!!!
Should have kept it! Better than money in the bank and more fun too.

Exterior: Forest green metallic

Interior: Tan leather

Transmission: 5 speed manual

Mileage: Investment quality!

911T BVX 25L Targa.jpg
1973 911T Targa
A tatty targa! looks can be deceiving!
Such a fun car. Despite its dings and scratches it was a hugely reliable smile factor classic. Original UK RHD with a step father engine but who cares. 

Exterior: Poppy red-silver from birth.

Interior: Houndstooth sports seats

Transmission: Manual 5 speed

Mileage: lots

1967 Porsche 912 Coupe
Rare Champagne yellow.
Lovely SWB coupe that had been fully restored that I sold into Belgium.
Nicknamed "Custard" which I think was more appropriate. 

Exterior: Champagne yellow (Only 27 examples registered with the 912 registry)

Interior: Tan leatherette

Transmission: 4 speed

Mileage: lowish

IMG_0674 (1).jpg
1968 Porsche 912 Coupe
Only 3 owners from new and a rare UK delivered RHD car. A cool SWB car in original factory option polo red. 
Only around 300 RHD were made and very few survive today. Should have kept it!

Exterior: Polo red

Interior: Black leatherette with cord inlays

Transmission: 5 speed manual

Mileage: Investment quality!

A selection of cars sold


1986 Porsche 928 S2 24,000 miles

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