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Not just any old Tom, Dick or Harry

Greetings, I'm Darren Robinson

I have been a classic car enthusiast before I even knew I was one!

As a youngster I witnessed my fathers ever changing eclectic car collections from all things fast, odd, weird and wonderful. Memories of his cherished Aston Martin DB5 to flying along in his e-type roadster and grinning ear to ear in the passenger seat of his lime green Gilbern Invader are some great moments of growing up with a car mad Dad! 


Raised in Essex, I was always in awe of the boy racers thrashing Escort Mexicos and RS 2000's around the streets of Harlow then heading to Southend sea front on "cruise nights"

With a mechanically minded brother our converted garage soon became the workshop and our driveway would often be filled with friends and relatives cars all after some mechanical tlc, go faster mods or bodywork.


My first love was skateboarding and then BMX bikes which soon led onto stripped bare hot rod motorbikes for illegal field thrashing. Hitting 17 and passing my driving test opened up the exciting world of cars.

Buying my XR2 back in the late 80's I would never have thought it would be the classic it is today. I always wanted a Porsche targa and my first purchase was a dog poo brown 911SC Targa, the kind of colour many would describe as, the worst brown colour you’ve ever seen. From those early days my classic addiction has seen me behind the wheel of numerous different cars.

Ford Fiesta XR2, Nova GTE, Porsche 912’s, 911T's, 964’s, 3.2 Carrera’s, SC’s, Alfa Duetto Spider, Peugeot 205 GTI, MGA, VW SP2, VW campers, Fiat Dino coupe, Dino 246GT, Series Land Rovers, the list goes on……..


Please visit the FAQ's page for more info...


2nd place trophy for my 911T at the Bude motor classic. 

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