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Why buy a car from this dude?

Buying a car is a serious business whether or not its spending £500 or £500k it is a committed investment of anyones hard earned cash and you have to have confidence in who you buy from and the cars they have for sale.

Having owned my own business's for many years and dealing with a high level of diverse customers I understand the importance of integrity, honesty and presenting information clearly and factually.  Above all, I enjoy talking to people about cars, life and anything else left of centre.


Living in Cornwall I am lucky to have an active, fun lifestyle that ebbs and flows like the tide and I approach any car sale with the same fun, low pressure approach that I live my life by. I dedicate a lot of time to finding cars of all makes but in general I have been a Porsche fan for many years and tend to concentrate on Porsche cars from all eras with a decent mix of Land Rovers and moderns thrown in for good measure. I work closely with some top Porsche and Land Rover aficionados finding cars to suit all budgets.


All cars where necessary are HPI checkedinspected, serviced and prepared for sale in a methodical way that gives the new owner secure peace of mind. I am not a large car dealer, I am firstly an enthusiast that invests time finding hand selected cars and offer anything from renovation projects, daily drivers with ongoing project work, to investment quality Sunday specials. I have sold over 75 Porsches over the years and a large mix of other interesting classics.


And on the days I'm not car hunting, test driving or talking to customers you can find me riding waves at my local beach as surfing is my other passion.

Please visit the FAQ's page for more info...

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